Kontor Active Air Purification and Surface disinfection systems

  • Kontor bipolar ionization technology has been proven to eliminate the Coronavirus (COVID-19), other viruses, microbes, and allergens.
  • At the core, Kontor air purification and surface disinfection system uses bipolar ionization technology.
  • The ionization tubes can be placed within an HVAC system or as a standalone unit, so
  • As airflow passes through the tubes, bipolar – positive and negative -ions are created that can destroy the virus surface structure on a molecular level.
  • As a result, the virus cannot infect, even if it enters the body. The ions also bond to dust and mold particles, break down germs and odors at their source, and break down harmful organic compounds.
  • Kontor Active Air Purification and Surface disinfection systems are intended to be mounted on walls or ceilings and allow an easy maintenance access to the ionization-tube.
  • The housing is made of robust anodized aluminum, which is durable and easy to
  • All units are equipped from factory with one bi-polar ionization tube and are available in different sizes and variants to meet your requirements.


Benefits of Bipolar Ionization

Bipolar ionization provides a huge range of benefits, including:

  • Reduced bacteria and viruses. Bipolar ions break the cell membrane surface of bacteria and viruses and eliminates the air born contaminants.
  • Reduced dust and mold particles. Bipolar ions that bond with contaminants gain size and mass and drop to the floor, or return to the filter, making them easily cleaned from the air we
  • Reduced VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Bipolar ions break down toxic gases and compounds from dangerous chemicals such as cleaning products, pesticides, paints, solvents, mold, mildew and
  • Reduced Bipolar ions break down odors at their source and eliminate them — no masking or diluting!
  • Improved energy conservation guarantees you’ll reduce your energy bills because you’ll spend less on heating and cooling ventilated With our technology, you’ll recycle conditioned, purified air instead.
  • Reduced static Bipolar ionization naturally neutralizes the air, eliminating static charges.
  • A safe, natural and environmentally friendly process. Our patented bipolar ionization technology uses no chemicals, heavy metals or mercury, and produces no harmful by-products such as ozone or ultra-violet

Test Results

  • As demonstrated by tests conducted by the independent Canadian laboratory CREM CO, using protocols in conformance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) standards, the Kontor Active® Systems remove >99.99% of bacteriophage Phi6 (a common laboratory surrogate for coronavirus and influenza) within 5 minutes and 24 seconds from the air of a 918 ft3 (26 m3) chamber simulating real-life conditions. In addition to eliminating the virus, the Systems remove odors, volatile organic and chemicals compounds, dust, allergens, mold and fungi spores, and bacteria.
  • Further tests conducted by the CREM CO laboratory, using U.S. EPA protocols, demonstrated that Kontor Active® Systems remove >99.98% of coronavirus (Strain 229E) within 120 minutes from technical fabric, glass, wood and metal surfaces.
  • Tests conducted by the global independent testing and certification company INTERTEK (Cortland, NY division), show that the Systems produce only a negligible level of ozone, 0.00036ppm on average, and 0.00136ppm at maximum, which is far below the UL867 and the UL2998 maximum allowed levels (of up to 0.05ppm and 0.005ppm, respectively). No harmful by-products are produced.