National Critical Infrastructure

National Critical Infrastructure is assets that are essential for the proper functioning of a country, including facilities of National Heritage. Industrial plants, Power Stations, Ports and Airports, Train and Bus stations, Central Museums – all these are an example of Critical Infrastructure. Not to mention the special purpose facilities.

Without proper technologies and modern security solutions such facilities can be easy target for any kind of sabotage, terrorism attack and eventually would lead to great public resonance both locally and internationally.

In order to prevent such a dramatic issue, it is crucial to keep such facilities on the control and the security and support systems up-to-date.

The Key Products and Solutions for National Critical Infrastructure

Comprehensive Security Solutions

From classical security systems to special security technologies and solutions. NCC Security Solutions can change how you see security. Our team is the most experienced in handling high-tech equipment deployed in various industries.

Professionalism is our key in engaging our customers from initial contact to completion of project and most importantly up to after-sales service. Our security system portfolio is comprised of various projects from different industries. Those projects remind us always that we have done our part and continue to help prevent the growing problem of crime in the country.

Key security competencies:

  • Access control systems (ACS)
  • CCTV systems with intelligent video analytics
  • Perimeter protection systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Command centers
  • A local positioning system (LPS)
  • Inspection systems
  • Information Security

We offer a full range of services:

  1. Consulting and facility inspection
    • Expertise and vulnerability assessment service
    • Development of a security concept
  2. Designing
    • Designing facilities, pedestrian and traffic flows, development of methodological, design and working documentation, development of new technical documentation
  1. Implementation of security tools and systems
    • Construction, installation, and commissioning work with the involvement of resources from global and Russian equipment manufacturers, integration of security systems
  1. Technical support and system development
    • Service maintenance, support of implemented design solutions, training of the customer’s personnel

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Full range of IT/ICT services and solutions. In-house production, lead global vendors.

We provide the best equipment from lead Russian and Global vendors. From small office to the enormous campus and city scale level.

The company’s experts carry out a full cycle of development and production, including the development of circuits, circuit board design, software and prototype development, and, finally, mass producing. Complex solutions and the possibility of their seamless integration into the customer’s infrastructure is a priority development direction of the enterprise.

  • GPON equipment
  • Network equipment (Ethernet access, aggregation and core switches, service routers, firewalls);
  • Voip Equipment (IP-PBXs , digital and voice gateways, SoftSwitch);
  • IPTV set-top boxes;
  • Wi-Fi equipment (access points for outdoor and indoor use, Wi-Fi controller);
  • Smart home solution (counters, client routers with built-in controller);
  • Management and monitoring systems.
  • And others.

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Smart Twin - Digital Twin of Seaport

Automated control on job steps, assets management, cargo, yard operations, manpower, fleet, services with AI-powered big data analytics and process simulation modeling

Digital Twin concept represents the convergence of the physical and the virtual world where every operation or asset will get a dynamic digital representation.

  • 3D visualization of assets and operations
  • time-stamped data about their status and direct environment.
  • Data collection and analytics
  • AI for operation optimization
  • Simulation of processes, services and asset locations
  • Reducing human errors and improving productivity
  • Smart enterprise platform for real-time onsite or remote management
  • End-to-end integration with existing management systems

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Arloid.AI: Smart Energy Solution

Powered by the world’s most advanced type of Machine Learning: Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Arloid.AI continuously analyses endless combinations of site-specific factors to determine the most efficient

set-up for each autonomous zone, all in real-time

Arloid.AI is an award-winning, cutting-edge technology that tackles one of the world’s most important issues.

It uses AI to achieve significant reduction in CO2 emissions and energy costs and is currently managing residential and commercial spaces across Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia for a broad portfolio of real estate -ranging from hotels, office buildings, hospitals and universities to shopping malls, airports and data centers.

  • Up to 40% electricity cost reduction
  • Up to 30% carbon footprint reduction
  • Increased occupant comfort

No CAPEX. No CAPEX required
No upfront costs. Profit-sharing model only.
No Downtime. Fully non-intrusive technology
No lock-in. Flexible commercial terms

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Superconducting Fault Current Limiter

SuperOx developed a full-scale technology of high voltage SFCL using 2G HTS wire

SFCL technology enables:

  • Increased grid capacity
  • Reduced number of sectioning points
  • Reduced damage from fault currents
  • Reduced cost of grid equipment
  • Extended lifetime of grid equipment
  • Improved fire safety
  • Reduced losses
  • Improved quality of power supply

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