NCC & Dubai Police jointly built Innovation Lab

NCC ME specialists created an special part of IT infrastructure in Dubai Police Security Innovation Lab based on equipment developed by the NCC including servers, storage and workstations among others.

The technology platforms will demonstrate the best modern solutions created by Russian companies and tested at Russian enterprises and organisations. During the launch of the Security Innovation Lab, the following solutions were unveiled:

  • Mobile video conferencing, which is designed for specialised tasks at the state level. The platform was developed to provide quality, sustainable and secure video conferencing services. A unique loss minimisation algorithm allows field workers to connect to conference calls even without a reliable Internet connection. Water and dust-proof housing of the device is resistant to all types of extreme loads.
  • BIM class system (Building Information Modelling, three-dimensional modelling of buildings), which allows 3D-modeling of a complex of engineering and IT systems of buildings. Due to the possibility of 3D-modeling at each stage of development of construction documentation, the system can improve the quality of construction projects and can be used at all stages of the life cycle of construction projects.
  • InOne platform of IIoT class (Industrial Internet of Things), representing the implementation of the concept of “Industrial Internet of Things.” The InOne IIoT platform is used for projects to transfer large corporate systems into a single information space. It receives information from thousands of devices, analyse it and give out only the information that is critical for quick decision making. InOne platform works in a single interface with equipment of any manufacturer, protocols and data of various formats from anywhere in the world or corporate network through a browser or mobile application.
  • NtechLab technology for face recognition using artificial intelligence and neural networks. The solution allows organisations to bring security to a new level with quick face recognition, object detection, crowd control and car recognition. Integration of NtechLab products in urban video surveillance systems will ensure a high level of security for citizens and guests of the emirate.