FindFace Security provides intelligent video analytics employing facial recognition technology. The product detects faces in live video streams, checks these against monitoring databases then notifies the relevant bodies upon there being a positive match.

An exact facial recognition algorithm and fast implementation ensure this is the ideal solution for corporate and governmental security needs. One distinctive feature of FindFace Security is its ability to support an infinite number of video streams and facial database entries, ensuring the system offers unlimited scalability. Using the intelligent criteria-based facial search, a suspect can be filmed, detected, and tracked in a split second. A user-friendly GUI ensures parameters can be swiftly set up in just a few click.

Fine-tune notifications to receive only those needed due to the capability to manage user roles. FindFace Security easily integrates with a range of external systems and services, including access control, POS, video monitoring and many others.

The product can be applied to a variety of fields ranging from metropolitan public security through to counting the number of visitors to retail stores.