Retail Solutions

Once the standalone store grows into a big chain of stores, its management becomes more and more complicated

Keeping service at the best level and making customers satisfied and ready to come back the next day demands various proper modern solutions. NCC brings the most cost-effective solutions to support your retail business.

The Key Products and Solutions for Retail:

Retail Analytics Solution

The system helps retail to increase turnover by automating key business processes

  • Control of the availability of goods
  • Control of price tags at point of sale
  • Queue control

Control system of goods in the shelf
(3,7 % Retail turnover growth)
The system detects the status of the shelf, recognizes goods, voids and assortments. In the absence of a product, the system checks its availability for warehouse in the store and sends a notification to the responsible employee

Queue Control
(2,2 % Retail turnover growth)
Recognizes people standing in the queue at the cash register, and in case of violation, automatically sends a notification to the responsible employee.

7,2 % Retail turnover growth as a result of integrated implementation of CERA solutions

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Advanced Facial Recognition Analytics

Algorithm was recognized by the US institute (NIST) as the best in the world in seven independent tests, with three of the tests setting an all-time record. In addition, it was scored in the top three for face recognition in medical masks.

Key features:

  • Super-fast facial search in the databases of billions of images
  • High level of accuracy, precision and speed while working with large volumes of data
  • Face mask detection and its correct wearing
  • Unique count, age and gender analytics
  • Liveness checks (spoofing prevention)

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IIoT Platform for Smart and Safe City

Digital platform for monitoring and management.

The IoT integration platform moves sophisticated systems to a new digitalization level:

  • Universal telemetry and video platform
  • Standardized work with event sources and typing of data sources
  • Event-driven model:
  • «unification» of data
  • Event identification and classification
  • Customizable event response scenarios
  • Content-dependent interface
  • Active sharing with other systems

Orchestrate 193 000+ cameras with 60 000+ user and 2500+ active connections under Moscow Safe City programs

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SOLUT - Labor Monitoring System

The monitoring system allows you to get information about the downtime of all employees during the entire working time

  • Systematize and eliminate downtime, having an objective nature (no task, tool, instruction, etc.)
  • Identify and manage non-objective downtime through employee incentives / penalties
  • The employee has the ability to choose the reason for the downtime in the SOLUT application, realizing that inaction will be recognized by the System anyway

The system allows you to accumulate complete information about both the fact and the reasons for downtime for all employees/teams

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Arloid.AI: Smart Energy Solution

Powered by the world’s most advanced type of Machine Learning: Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Arloid.AI continuously analyses endless combinations of site-specific factors to determine the most efficient

set-up for each autonomous zone, all in real-time

Arloid.AI is an award-winning, cutting-edge technology that tackles one of the world’s most important issues.

It uses AI to achieve significant reduction in CO2 emissions and energy costs and is currently managing residential and commercial spaces across Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia for a broad portfolio of real estate -ranging from hotels, office buildings, hospitals and universities to shopping malls, airports and data centers.

  • Up to 40% electricity cost reduction
  • Up to 30% carbon footprint reduction
  • Increased occupant comfort

No CAPEX. No CAPEX required
No upfront costs. Profit-sharing model only.
No Downtime. Fully non-intrusive technology
No lock-in. Flexible commercial terms

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Creation of  immersive high-tech spaces that tell stories and engage people in new experiences.

Interactive multimedia park, multimedia installation, city projects, interactive installations for events and much more.

  • helps make immersive high-tech spaces that tell stories and promote a new culture where people can interact with the digital environment
  • Primary technology is phygital (physical + digital): the integration of the digital world into the real world

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