Smart & Safe City

“Smart Cities” is a term denoting the effective integration of physical, digital, and human systems in the built environment to deliver a sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive future.

Smart City is a logical next stage of evolution for any city in the world.

There is no unified opinion what the components of Smart City are, as there are no identical cities in the world, although it is agreed that Smart City is a very complicated eco-system with lot of component and systems within unified digital environment.

We have highlighted the most crucial components and systems, which cover all major urban activities:


Smart City Components

With the complexity of the Smart City it is evident that even the biggest corporations would have difficulty to claim that they can provide solutions for Smart City as a turn-key solution.

NCC promotes the development of NCC in-house products regarding Smart City services and constantly looks for the best solution from NCC partners making them available for the International Market.

NCC has great experience with different Smart City programs and Initiatives implementation from Concept drafting for the whole city digital transformation to the Implementation and Maintenance of different smart city components and solutions.

As a matter of fact, NCC in-house IIoT platform is used as a core for Moscow Safe city and orchestrating more than 190 000 cameras, with 2500 Concurrent connections and 120 different access levels and rights. The other solution like Digital Government Platform was implemented in 35+ regions and support 20 000 electronic services. 

The Key Products and Solutions for Smart City / Safe City

E-Government Platfom

Centralized Smart and paper-free Government Services

NCC presented the best Russian practices for digitalizing key government sectors in Dubai based on smart and safe city frameworks.

The E-Government platform allows information exchange between people, the state and organizations through a Digital Profile.

A Digital Profile is a collection of information about a citizen or legal entity contained in the information systems of agencies and organizations that exercise separate public authorities in accordance with federal laws.

The information from the digital profile has legal significance, it is not necessary to confirm them with any kind of paper documents.

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Business Intelligence Solution

Complete suite of tools for business analysis and decision making

A designer for creating analytical and intelligence solutions that automates the collection, processing, storage, analysis, and visualization of large data volumes and leverages modeling and forecasting to generate reports and facilitate decision-making.

The platform can be configured by a specialist without programming skills, if they know how to use Excel pivot tables and have experience in the subject matter

  • High-performance and scalable solutions
  • Hypothesis validation and detection of cause-and-effect relationships by means of multi-dimensional data analysis
  • Configuration and alignment of data collection processes from distributed organizational structures
  • One platform to solve the tasks of different business units
  • Browser-based solution: no need to install additional software
  • Data and structure version control, flexible indicator storage system

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Advanced Facial Recognition Analytics

Algorithm was recognized by the US institute (NIST) as the best in the world in seven independent tests, with three of the tests setting an all-time record. In addition, it was scored in the top three for face recognition in medical masks.

Key features:

  • Super-fast facial search in the databases of billions of images
  • High level of accuracy, precision and speed while working with large volumes of data
  • Face mask detection and its correct wearing
  • Unique count, age and gender analytics
  • Liveness checks (spoofing prevention)

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RFID Technologies

Full cycle of competencies in RFID – from the development of the element base to the implementation and maintenance of ready-made solutions

Own plant for the production of RFID tags and equipment

  • Productivity of assembly lines for RFID tags: up to 100 million per year
  • Productivity of lines for converting RFID tags: up to 100 million per year
  • Productivity of the line for automatic
  • coding of RFID tags: up to 30 million per year
  • Assembly production of RFID equipment
  • (antennas, readers, software and hardware systems): up to 5000 units per year

Key industries:

  • Banking
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Industry
  • Logistic
  • Fashion retail

Logistic, Medical Drug Control – use cases depend on Customer requirements

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IIoT Platform for Smart and Safe City

Digital platform for monitoring and management.

The IoT integration platform moves sophisticated systems to a new digitalization level:

  • Universal telemetry and video platform
  • Standardized work with event sources and typing of data sources
  • Event-driven model:
  • «unification» of data
  • Event identification and classification
  • Customizable event response scenarios
  • Content-dependent interface
  • Active sharing with other systems

Orchestrate 193 000+ cameras with 60 000+ user and 2500+ active connections under Moscow Safe City programs

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AI Automated Video Analytics Solution

The use of artificial intelligence to analyze Big Data in creating and operating the infrastructure of Smart Cities and improving the quality of life of city dwellers

Smart mobile solution with the use of artificial intelligence, aimed at detecting various kinds of violations, processes data from cameras, built-in GPS/GLONASS enables to localize recorded violations on the map

Violations in road infrastructure sending material to the administrator to confirm the violation and automatically generate a request for troubleshooting

Driver Control. Recognition of safety regulation, unauthorized driver, smartphone usage, driver fatigue, etc.

Receive alerts. In online mode, the operator receives only notifications. Smart notification settings and selective sending according to the rules are possible

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Smart Twin - Digital Twin of Seaport

Automated control on job steps, assets management, cargo, yard operations, manpower, fleet, services with AI-powered big data analytics and process simulation modeling

Digital Twin concept represents the convergence of the physical and the virtual world where every operation or asset will get a dynamic digital representation.

  • 3D visualization of assets and operations
  • time-stamped data about their status and direct environment.
  • Data collection and analytics
  • AI for operation optimization
  • Simulation of processes, services and asset locations
  • Reducing human errors and improving productivity
  • Smart enterprise platform for real-time onsite or remote management
  • End-to-end integration with existing management systems

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SOLUT - Labor Monitoring System

The monitoring system allows you to get information about the downtime of all employees during the entire working time

  • Systematize and eliminate downtime, having an objective nature (no task, tool, instruction, etc.)
  • Identify and manage non-objective downtime through employee incentives / penalties
  • The employee has the ability to choose the reason for the downtime in the SOLUT application, realizing that inaction will be recognized by the System anyway

The system allows you to accumulate complete information about both the fact and the reasons for downtime for all employees/teams

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Fuel and Fleet Management Solutions

This state-of-the-art fleet management technologies and expertise will increase your business efficiencies and save you money.

This solution includes all hardware, equipment and software you might need, as well as installation and training if required.

From the 99.2% accuracy of our fuel sensors to the ability to create custom reports in online platform, our fleet management solution is designed to give you the most accurate and relevant data you need for daily business operations and decisions.

Advanced fuel-related reporting provides you with critical information you need to manage costs and track fuel usage trends.

  • Accurately measure fuel consumption to plan supplies and forecast costs
  • Detect idling to save on fuel and engine hours
  • Detect fuel wastage & theft
  • Control driving habits & detect adverse driving events to reduce fuel consumption, improve safety & enhance working culture
  • Plan technical maintenance to keep fleet in good condition

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Arloid.AI: Smart Energy Solution

Powered by the world’s most advanced type of Machine Learning: Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Arloid.AI continuously analyses endless combinations of site-specific factors to determine the most efficient

set-up for each autonomous zone, all in real-time

Arloid.AI is an award-winning, cutting-edge technology that tackles one of the world’s most important issues.

It uses AI to achieve significant reduction in CO2 emissions and energy costs and is currently managing residential and commercial spaces across Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia for a broad portfolio of real estate -ranging from hotels, office buildings, hospitals and universities to shopping malls, airports and data centers.

  • Up to 40% electricity cost reduction
  • Up to 30% carbon footprint reduction
  • Increased occupant comfort

No CAPEX. No CAPEX required
No upfront costs. Profit-sharing model only.
No Downtime. Fully non-intrusive technology
No lock-in. Flexible commercial terms

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Superconducting Fault Current Limiter

SuperOx developed a full-scale technology of high voltage SFCL using 2G HTS wire

SFCL technology enables:

  • Increased grid capacity
  • Reduced number of sectioning points
  • Reduced damage from fault currents
  • Reduced cost of grid equipment
  • Extended lifetime of grid equipment
  • Improved fire safety
  • Reduced losses
  • Improved quality of power supply

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Creation of  immersive high-tech spaces that tell stories and engage people in new experiences.

Interactive multimedia park, multimedia installation, city projects, interactive installations for events and much more.

  • helps make immersive high-tech spaces that tell stories and promote a new culture where people can interact with the digital environment
  • Primary technology is phygital (physical + digital): the integration of the digital world into the real world

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YSAR - Healthcare

Software complexes for automation of screening programs: breast cancer, carcinoma of lungs, cervical cancer, and AI-based diagnosis of COVID-19.

Multi-functional platform to conduct diagnostic tests with correct interpretation and terminologically correct description of detectable changes based on international standards, and make logically correct conclusion that determine further treatment route of a subject.

Radiological information system which ensures analysis of diagnosis studies by interacting via DICOM international report with diagnostics equipment of any modality (X-ray, US, CTI, MRI, Mammography unit, etc.) manufactured by Philips, Siemens, GE, Toshiba, Italray, Canon, Mindray, and others.

Endoscopy Hardware-Software system is designed to represent, process and analyze multimedia data to be received from analogue and digital endoscopic equipment during endoscopic tests, and exchange information using DICOM protocol with other workstations or servers as components of a medical institution network

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